I’m a novelist, writing instructor, designer, and the editor/publisher of the Postcard Press.

I grew up in the libraries of Columbus, Ohio, reading every book that had a starship or a unicorn sticker on the spine. I started writing in the third grade, when my teacher (who had 10 ADHD boys and 5 girls in her classroom) let those of us who weren’t climbing the walls do pretty much whatever we wanted. For me, it was spending hours in a beanbag chair with a spiral-bound notebook and a pencil, writing elementary-school knockoffs of Brian Jacques’ Redwall books. I finished my first novel in fifth grade and never really stopped writing books.

Well, until I “grew up.” At some point in high school or while I attended Ohio State University, I learned that writing novels wasn’t a “real job”–that all the authors I admired had some kind of day job, and I had to have one, too. For two years after I graduated, I worked at a small financial company in Ohio, writing in the evenings and on weekends. I met with friends who wrote and read their work, and in 2008, I decided to attend a weekend writing conference sponsored by Writer’s Digest.



At the conference, I saw my first Kindle and immediately coveted it; met Jane Friedman and Chuck Sambuchino, two immensely knowledgeable publishing professionals; and I talked to an editor who looked at the pages of my latest novel and said, yeah, you could probably get this published.

Holy. Shit.

Within a year, I was packed and driving to Mankato, Minnesota to study writing in Minnesota State, Mankato’s Master of Fine Arts program. I told myself I’d take three years to study and write, and if I wasn’t good enough to write more books–well, I was ready for a career change anyway. In Minnesota, I learned far more than I’d ever expected to learn about the craft of writing, the business of writing, and the immense value of writing communities. (I also learned more about how miserably cold Minnesota is in February than I ever wanted to know.)

After a detour to Florida to spend three months in Jack Kerouac’s house as a writer-in-residence, I’m back in Ohio and writing as fast as my fingers can type.

I post a variety of material on this blog, including snippets of writing I’m working on, “behind the curtain” peeks into my research, very occasional writing or publishing advice, and shiny things that get my attention.

I tweet about writing, books I’m reading, and the Travel Channel reality show GHOST ADVENTURES with the handle @caitlin_osully.

Wanna talk? Send me an email at caitlin(dot)a(dot)osullivan at Gmail. I’d love to hear from you.

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    • It’s a Thompson submachine gun (but without the firing pin). That thing was HEAVY–I cannot even imagine trying to fire it in full auto. I got a chance to hold it while I was working on research for THE KISS-OFF, my historical novel; it helped me decide that the criminal characters in my book (who treat their work pretty professionally) wouldn’t touch a Thompson with a ten-foot stick, unless they were trying to terrify people into doing what they wanted.

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