other people talking about me

Can’t get enough Caitlin O’Sullivan? Actually, don’t answer that. Just clickie the linkies.

Print media and press releases

4/22/2011 – In a story about the More Than Writing conferenceThe Free Press (Mankato, MN) led off with a description of the Postcard Press.

Spring 2011 – Minnesota State (where I’m a grad student) put out a press release about me. Oh, and Sharon Olds. (Hint: I was not the most important person mentioned in that press release.)

Blogs and podcasts

4/5/2013 – Interview with Cathy Day on the subject of MFA grads and writing conferences.

11/13/2012 – I’m art! Watercolor sketch by Orlando artist Tomas Thorspecken. I think I look pretty good.

9/21/2011 – Blog interview with Chloe Yelena Miller: Chloe’s blog

6/2/2011 – Podcast interview with the fabulous Kara Garbe Balcerzak: the Weekly Reader on KMSU-FM, Mankato, MN. Don’t turn it off after 30 seconds, I relaxed and stopped sounding like a strangled chipmunk, promise.


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